Cham architecture, Cham civilization and the Khmer people were highly regarded as an early civilized society in southern Vietnam. Tay Ninh now has 2 of 3 ancient towers in the southern region of Oc Eo culture (Funan Kingdom existed from the first century to the eighth century), mostly intact, the Thap Mam in Tan Phong district. Tan Bien and Binh Thanh Tower in Trang Bang district According to statistics of the Tay Ninh Province Ethnic Committee, Tay Ninh has 21 ethnic groups living together, the Ta Mun ethnic group (apparently descended from Funan Kingdom) in Tay Ninh. apply procedures to recognize as the 55th ethnic group of Vietnam.


Tay Ninh is famous for its majestic natural landscapes. Ba Den Mountain 986m high is the highest mountain in southern Vietnam and is home to many famous legends, here is a museum built in Kim Quang cave and a famous temple of the same name. Tay Ninh is the holy place of Cao Dai with the magnificent and magnificent Tay Ninh Holy See. There are also Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and many others. Tay Ninh is the capital of resistance, which was located in the Central of the Southern Department in the years against the US, gaining national independence. Tay Ninh is also home to the largest artificial irrigation lake in Southeast Asia, which is Dau Tieng Lake.


Ba Den Mountain



Tay Ninh is famous for the following specialties:

Banh Trang with dew: This specialty is now produced in many localities in the province and industrially produced, but it is still associated with the name Trang Bang. Before 1980, Banh Trang Trang Bang was made from cassava tubers (cassava). But today it is only produced from rice. To make Banh Trang exposure to the dew, it has to go through many elaborate and sophisticated stages.



Trang Bang rice paper with dew.



Trang Bang Pork Soup: Trang Bang Pork Soup is a famous food of Tay Ninh dating back a long time. It has become a tourist product, a popular stop for tourists.



Trang Bang rice noodles.



Shrimp salt: is a very famous specialty of Tay Ninh. Initially, there were only a few small-scale production households, so far there have been more than 100 establishments making all kinds of Tay Ninh salt products, concentrated mainly on the local area. in districts of Trang Bang, Go Dau and Tay Ninh city.


Tay Ninh chili salt.



Ba Den custard: is grown in the area near Ba Den mountain of Tay Ninh. Along with choosing the growing season, handling flowering in different months that custard apple has year round. Even in the months of 3-4-5, the output reached nearly 1,000 tons / month. Tay Ninh province has registered with the National Office of Intellectual Property of geographical protection in the form of geographical indications "Ba Den" for custard products grown in Ba Den mountain area and the vicinity of Ba mountain.



Soursop mountain Ba Den.



Ricepaper mix


Ricepaper mix.


Mountain lizards and mountain snails are also famous specialties of Tay Ninh


Fried Crisis Lizard.



Civet on Vam Co Dong river or Lang co fish in Dau Tieng reservoir are also special dishes when coming to Tay Ninh.


Lẩu Cá Lăng Măng Chua.


Lo Go-Xa Mat Pancake: Especially, the other pancakes here are different from other places made of rice flour from the ancient rice of the Khmer people, the cake is a mixture of bamboo shoots and wild chicken chickens, combined with more than 18 kinds of specialty forest vegetables of the National Park


Lo Go-Xa Mat Pancake.