Enterprises surveying the Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park tourist resort

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Representing a number of businesses doing business in the field of tourism, one comment, Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park is an attractive place for tourists.


In the framework of activities to organize the Conference of tourism development linkage in the Southeast region, on the afternoon of June 27, leaders of a number of tourism companies from many provinces and cities in the region came to survey and explore the area. Eco-tourism in Lo Go –Xa Mat National Park, Tan Bien district. Along with businesses, there are representatives of state management agencies in charge of tourism in the provinces and cities in the region, journalists, newspapers, radio and television. Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Phuong - Director of Wild World Company (belonging to Cat Tien National Forest, Dong Nai province) said that she was very happy to have the opportunity to learn more about the biological characteristics and natural beauty of Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park in Tay Ninh.

“Developing eco-tourism is a favorite form of tourism in many countries around the world. For investors as well as travel agencies, this trip helps me better understand the national parks in Vietnam ”- Ms. Phuong said.

"It is worth noting that, in the tourist areas of the national park in general, not only any national park, that is beautiful nature but lacks the living and resting facilities of tourists" - Mrs Phuong said more.

However, according to Ms. Phuong, the provinces in the region such as Binh Phuoc and Tay Ninh have advantages to develop tourism and picnics in national parks and grasslands - considered as a miniature steppe.

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thao (Vietravel Tourism Company - Ho Chi Minh City) commented, Tay Ninh has potential for tourism development, with many attractions.

“When visiting Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about this natural forest. Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park has many interesting things and this is a tourism product ”- Ms. Thao Thao commented.

Mr. Truong Hoang Phuong - Director of Exotic Tourism Company (Ho Chi Minh City) commented that the conference on tourism development in the Southeast region was an opportunity for tourism companies to know more about each tourism product. New calendar of each locality in the area.

“The Covid epidemic - 19 made the economy difficult, so people who wanted to travel would not choose to go too far, because it was expensive; Instead, travelers choose nearby locations, short trip times. This conference is an opportunity for businesses to do tourism know more some new tourism products to introduce to customers "- Mr. Truong Hoang Phuong said.


By Tây Ninh Online

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