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On the evening of February 13, at Ba Den mountain cultural and historical site (Tay Ninh), District Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province held a 54-year traditional meeting Kim Quang dynamic network.

This is an annual traditional activity of the Party Committee and people of Hoa Thanh district, in order to review the revolutionary tradition of the old Holy See District Party Committee (now Hoa Thanh district), where 80% of the people followed the Cao Dai religion. , has created revolutionary historical relics in Kim Quang cave, attracting many generations to visit and learn.

A large number of elderly revolutionary cadres and relatives have been involved in activities and fighting at Kim Quang cave revolutionary base; leaders of Tay Ninh province and more than 30,000 youth union members and people of Hoa Thanh district attended the meeting.


After being established (1960), the Holy See District Party Committee chose Kim Quang Cave (at the foot of Ba Den Mountain) as a base to carry out the task of revolutionary struggle. Operating in a small cave (75 m2) with difficult circumstances, but the District Committee of the Holy See District Committee at that time was still holding on to the mountains, both military and political struggles, military campaign. developing forces. It received the Party's directional policy, bringing the revolutionary light to the people of all religions, especially the Cao Dai parishioners to join the revolution, thousands of people supplementing the armed forces and sell armed; At the same time, he contributed a lot of merits and contributions to the cause of fighting against the Americans and helping the country.

Delegates and tens of thousands of union members, youth and people lit incense, commemorating the heroic martyrs at Kim Quang cave sacrificed in the wars of national liberation.



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