Tay Ninh Rice Paper

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Rice Paper

Tay Ninh is a western region located on the Vietnam-Cambodia border. It is not only famous for the spiritual Ba Den mountain, a super-duty-free supermarket, but also famous for a simple specialty, heard the name of the customer who had copied the mouth of Tay Ninh - Rice paper.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Xining rice paper of all kinds and colors - Photo: Sau Rom


Tay Ninh rice paper has become a famous brand all over the country, especially for students - followers of mixed rice paper, tamarind rice paper ... Tay Ninh rice paper is also rich with many strains. Types and uses, both can be playboy, or it can be a dish that appears frequently in the tray and life of Vietnamese people.




The famous Tay Ninh rice paper has the Trang Bang mist rice paper. It sounds very simple and simple, but in order to make rice paper that is recognized as the "Asian record specialty", Tay Ninh people have to wake up early, feast with many stages. It is very careful to make this kind of pies


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Meticulously the baker made a delicious plate of bread - Photo: Lamicheweilian


First, they choose the granary of the rice in the season, wash it thoroughly soaked for 2 days and then bring it to puree. Mix the paste of water and then thin layer on clean cloth and tightly closed. Ripe bread bring out sun grill.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Dry fog - Photo: Nutbird


Dry bread is baked to blister and then wait in the early morning sun to start dew again to dry. Tay Ninh people carefully wait for moderate frosts to immediately gather neatly folded bread into a bag lined with banana leaves.

Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Trang Bang dew rice paper roll with boiled meat - Photo: Ha Vu


Finished cakes are used by diners to eat with boiled meat rolled with vegetables and sauce. The dish is rustic but charming, especially when served with a dewless rice paper, not too chewy and fat. The taste of sour, spicy, salty, sweet ... even in every roll makes it hard for anyone to forget that unique flavor.



An indispensable ingredient when referring to the famous Tay Ninh rice paper is the "mixed" rice paper to make famous street food from all streets to the lecture hall.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Each bag of rice paper is ready to "mix" for guests - Photo: Tu Cong Van


The most famous is the famous mixed rice paper.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Colorful and attractive ingredients - Photo: Tu Cong Van


A little dried beef, squid shrimp, salt in Tay Ninh and rice paper with 
Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Finished products "mixed rice paper" - Photo: Tu Cong Van


The outing session of the South Vietnamese students without a chewy rice paper roll was a fun “hip” talk. The first time exposure to this popular dish no one thought it had such an irresistible appeal. The toughness of the cake is mixed with spicy hot satay, the sourness of shredded mango, the taste of laksa leaves, the crisp aroma of kumquat (kumquat) along with 2 boiled quail eggs (or fried), long lasting there is a buzzing noise when you bite into a crispy peanut All of these spices combine to form a rice paper mix "if you don't eat then remember", "if not, then crave" here ....

Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

The attractive rice paper part cannot be denied - Photo: Chicz Chuot


Other types of Tay Ninh rice paper such as tamarind rice paper, mixed rice paper want shrimp with switches (kumquat), or spicy rice paper ... there is a simpler way but also no less attractive and attractive.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Tamarind rice paper - Photo: Phuongdmpc


All the attractiveness and attraction that must mention the "merit" of the salt and shrimp specialties here. Tay Ninh has no sea, but the salt dish made from seafood of the sea is floating like alcohol. Unlike normal salt that you can taste, you can see the salty taste of the tongue, Tay Ninh's shrimp salt is sophisticatedly processed, from spices like lemongrass, salt, chili and especially shrimp, roasted for flavors. Intertwined with the typical yellow color, the salt has become a "legend" of junk food lovers.


Ngon như bánh tráng Tây Ninh

Tay Ninh famous shrimp salt - Photo: Sau Rom


Many people wonder why Tay Ninh rice paper is so famous and delicious? Perhaps the province's climate is not bordered by the sea, and there is a dry, monsoon wind blowing all year round like Tay Ninh has made rice paper soaked with morning dew before the sun dries out the sweet mist of the sky. Many people come to Tay Ninh when they buy a few rice paper as gifts or trade, because rice paper at the "granary" is always very cheap and delicious. Invite diners to Ngon as Tay Ninh rice paper to try the "a sunny two dew" cake of the people here.


Source : Huyền Vịt - Mytour.vn

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